Oil and Gas

Pads and Units

DDM collaborates with environmental experts, landowners, and exploration companies in the East Texas oil and gas industry to determine the absolute closest constructible location to the proposed target.

No job is too large or too small for DDM Surveying. From a single rig operator to the major players, we service all extents of the exploration community. DDM has raised the bar with speed and accuracy, surveying and preparing Unit Plats in short time frames. All surveys, plat requirements, and filing procedures are done in compliance with the state of Texas Railroad Commission.

All staked Pads are thoroughly inspected for existing utilities using the GEM SYSTEMS GSM 19-TW PROTON PRECESSION MAGNETOMETER.

Pipeline Surveying

As-Built Surveying


DDM Surveying also specializes in land surveying for boundary identification, subdivision layout, title surveys, map reproduction and preparation, and more. Our survey team is ready to tackle any challenge you throw our way with high quality instruments and absolute professionalism.

Boundary Surveying

DDM has experience with Boundary Surveying dating back to 1976. 

Topographic Surveying

DDM Surveying offers cost-effective and creative topographic surveying to make building in the most complex environments a far simpler task. Every landscape and construction design is unique – that’s why we’re fully equipped to work alongside you and bring your vision from concept to reality.

Topographic Surveying

We wear many hats!

DDM covers the entire Surveying and Mapping spectrum!