Welcome To DDM Surveying, Inc.

DDM Surveying, Inc. is an East Texas-based surveying and mapping company. We are located in Henderson, Texas, Rusk County.

Our services include:

  • Boundary 
  • Topographic
  • Oil and Gas
  • Volumetric


Our mission as a survey company is to provide accurate and detailed surveys in a timely manner.

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Our Services

Oil and Gas

DDM collaborates with environmental experts, land owners, and exploration companies in the East Texas oil and gas industries to determine the closest constructible location to the proposed target.

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DDM Surveying also specializes in land surveying for boundary identification, subdivision design, title and boundary surveys, unit surveys, map reproduction and preparation and construction layouts.

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Topographic Surveying

DDM Surveying offers cost-effective topographic surveying to make building in the most complex environments a far simpler task. Every landscape and construction design is unique.

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